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Lonely Mountains: Downhill gets free DLC

Plus a discount on Switch and Steam.

A free DLC expansion is available now for Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Named Riley's Return, it adds a lost trail to Mount Riley, plus new challenges and unlockable earth-elemental customisation sets.

It's available across all versions on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC (via Steam). In addition, the base game is discounted on the Nintendo eShop and Steam by 45 percent.

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The new trail adds challenges and two new resting spots, along with new gear that reflects the natural colour palette of the game's lush forests and wilderness.

"We're always humbled by the fantastic response we get from our players with every update we release, so we are delighted to open up a whole new area of Mount Riley for them and deliver it to them for free with Riley's Return," said Daniel Helbig, co-founder of developer Megagon.

"There's a lot for our players to get stuck into with Riley's Return, but of course we'll be continuing to update the game in the future and players should keep their eyes open for some fun Christmas-themed content dropping on December 22nd."

Lonely Mountains: Downhill was first released in 2019, followed by a Switch port in 2020. It's now hit 2.5 million players.

It was also one of Eurogamer's Games of the Year in 2019.

A demo of the game is also available on Steam and Switch.