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Link To The Past on UK VC

Tri before you force.

Bored of the present? Then why not delve into the past? Or indeed get a measure of both, by downloading Nintendo's timeless Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past from Wii's Virtual Console this morning?

Among the best Zelda games - and games full stop - that have ever been made, Link To The Past is a wonderfully measured blend of exploration and puzzling that's bewitched players ever since its release on the Super Nintendo more than ten years ago. It costs 800 Wii points, and if you've not played it before then we must insist you do.

The other game on Virtual Console today is the NES version of Castlevania - Konami's first platforming Belmont-'em-up for the Nintendo. As with all NES games, it's 500 Wii points if you fancy a go, or 0 Wii points if you'd rather knock off down the pub and then try and remember bits out of Dracula on the way home instead.