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Lingerie Football League game tie-in threatened

Fanbases for ladies' underwear and gaming are convergent, it seems.

Yuke's, the Japanese developer behind THQ's WWE and UFC games, has decided Planet Earth needs a Lingerie Football League video game.

Not heard of the LFL? It's a seven-on-seven variant of American Football that, cleverly, is played by ladies stripped down to their frilly undies. It's shown on MTV2 and apparently BusinessWeek reckons it's North America's "fastest growing sports league". Badge of honour right there.

Anyway, Yuke's has snapped up the license to develop the "official LFL gaming platforms". The two parties see the audience for video gaming and the audience for watching women roll about in their pants as precisely convergent.

"The core global fan base of the LFL, which consists of nearly 60-per cent men, 18-34, perfectly aligns with the gaming world's target market," read their announcement.

"As a leading sports and entertainment focused company, we have to keep a pulse on what is the next big franchise," explained CEO Yukinori Taniguchi.

"We at Yuke's feel that there is incredible momentum building behind the LFL and that the sport is perfectly positioned to become the next big franchise in the gaming world."

And those popular stereotypes of the games industry just keep tumbling down...

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