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Lighthouse guides adventure trio

Steers them to Euro shores.

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Lighthouse Interactive has announced it will be bringing three new PC adventure titles to Europe.

Both Undercover: Operation Wintersun and Belief & Betrayal will be available this summer, while Overclocked is due sometime next year.

Undercover: Operation Wintersun is set in World War II, and sees you take up the role of a British scientist who has to find a devastating German bomb before it can be used in battle. There's lots of spy-thriller atmosphere, and found it to be a fairly solid offering. It's already out there, see. Shoot off to the official website for more information.

However, Belief & Betrayal from Artematica isn't as good. This point and click adventure is wrapped in historical plot twists, superstition and mystery, which takes you all the way back to when Judas received a cash back-hander to betray old golden-boy Jesus. Our German counterparts didn't particularly like it, which makes us think we'd be better off with this pink dress we bought earlier if you're even still listening. Look, there's another official website.

But Overclocked remains something of an unknown, as it hasn't been released anywhere just yet. It's a darker affair, a psychological thriller where you explore the underbelly of human traits: violence. You play as an army psychiatrist to begin with and are soon drafted in to examine five patients who have lost their memories. As you delve into the mystery the plot thickens. There's another website to tuck into, too.

That's it, I'm afraid. No space zombies, no Slitherlink, no Jade Raymond. Just three adventure games. Do you even play them anymore?

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