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Lego leak reveals Super Mario airship

On sail this summer.

Amazon Australia has revealed Bowser's Airship, the next big addition to Lego's Super Mario range (thanks, TheBrickFan).

Bowser's Airship is one of the largest Super Mario sets we've seen so far. Clocking in at over 14 inches, this 1152-piece addition provides one of the best-looking builds of the entire range.

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There's no official launch date yet, and Amazon's product listing page has now been deleted. Still, we'd expect it to arrive in August alongside the upcoming Super Luigi Starter Kit and the third wave of blind bag add-ons announced officially earlier this week.

As with any Lego Super Mario set, Bowser's Airship includes interactive components for the Lego Mario (or, soon, Lego Luigi) electronic figurine.

Photos also show a buildable Kamek, Monty Mole and Goomba wearing a pirate hat.

While many sets in the Super Mario range are primarily designed to be modular, interactive courses, this one might just look good on my shelf - if I move some other Lego out the way first.

We may hear more about all this on 26th June, when Nintendo is due to hold its first ever announcement livestream: Lego Con.