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Lego Jurassic World climbs over Elder Scrolls Online in UK chart

But Batman this way comes.

Lego Jurassic World has knocked The Elder Scrolls Online off the top spot in the UK video games chart.

Their roles were reversed last week - their debut week.

He is actually thrilled.

Lego Jurassic World's success is buoyed by Chris Pratt, handsome star of Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World, which launched 11th June. The game itself we haven't, and probably won't, review. It's a typical Lego game - a series that has now claimed seven number-ones in the UK since Lego Star Wars kicked it all off in 2005. Mind you, in this new game you can play as the dinosaurs.

The Elder Scrolls Online we have reviewed - just this morning actually. We weren't terribly impressed. "Put in the hours and the console version of Bethesda's MMO eventually finds its feet," our Dan Whitehead wrote, "but remains dull, muddled and plagued by bugs."

Previous leader The Witcher 3 - the biggest launch of 2015 - hangs on at three, followed by GTA 5, FIFA 15, PayDay 2, COD: Advanced Warfare, Splatoon, Destiny and Minecraft Xbox.

Next week we should have a new leader following the release of dinner dinner dinner Batman: Arkham Knight tomorrow. Yes it's a mid-weeker. Look for our review tomorrow afternoon!

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