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New apprenticeship course.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

NCsoft has decided to share some of its secrets with students from Brighton's City College, who are being offered the chance to take part in the very first videogame apprenticeship out there.

The Quality Assurance and Games Production qualification has been designed to help people learn about the fast-paced and growing games industry whilst gaining valuable practical skills and experience.

"Being involved in the shaping of the future Apprenticeship and mentoring the candidates allows me to pass my experience on to potential future full-time employees, or just be happy in the knowledge that they are able to gain employment elsewhere with a sound understanding of the fast-paced games industry," said Sam Watts, QA manager at NCsoft Europe.

So far, four hopefuls have enrolled in the scheme, three of whom are enjoying a year-long work placement at Brighton-based NCsoft Europe, supplemented with frequent brain top-ups at the nearby City College.

The apprenticeship will eventually lead to a level 2 qualification and is an initiative NCsoft hopes will catch-on throughout the industry, eventually creating a clear and more systematic entry route into the world of videogames.

NCsoft creates and publishes online games, such as the Guild Wars, Lineage and City of Heroes series. Pop over to its website for more information.

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