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Last Train Home is a snowy survival strategy set right after WW1

Just the ticket.

I liked the look of Last Train Home when it got its unveiling this week during not-E3. It's a wintery period piece from Czech studio Ashborne Games, based on real events following World War 1.

With the Great War over, you command a legion of Czech soldiers on a train bound for home via the Trans-Siberian railway. Their aim is to get back to the newly-created republic, but along the way there's trouble - the Russian Civil War.

Real-time battles are interspersed with management of your soldiers while aboard the train - which can of course be upgraded as you journey through Siberia - making sure your units are in good health and well fed.

Last Train Home announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

I also enjoyed the trailer, above, which does a good job of cutting between in-game action and live action actors having fun in the snow.

There's no release date yet, but you can Wishlist it now via Steam.

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