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Last Oasis pulled offline days after rocky launch

"Our coders have been working day and night."

Post-apocalyptic survival MMO Last Oasis is going offline for up to a week, after a launch marred by server issues left many unable to play.

Last Oasis debuted via Steam Early Access last Thursday, 26th March, but was quickly beset by server issues. Players reported being unable to load into the game due to severe wait times and server crashes. The few who did get in, however, reported the game itself a fun experience.

In a video post to Twitter last night, developer Donkey Crew announced the game would now be taken offline. All owners are eligible for "no questions asked" refund.

"We're going to take servers off[line] for up to seven days," a Donkey Crew spokesperson said. "Our coders have been working day and night on this issue and need some sleep. We need to properly investigate why our load testing didn't pick this issue up, find out why, figure it out properly and solve it.

"A lot of you mentioned this is not how an Early Access game should launch and we fully agree. This is not how an Early Access game should launch. So we've decided that everyone unhappy with the current state of the game should get a full refund, regardless of in-game hours, no questions asked. Just head to Steam to do that.

"We also received some positive messages which are nice to hear amidst this chaos, so thank you for those. We promise we will deliver. Many people said this game is great, they just want to be able to play it. So we'll deliver on the promise as soon as possible. We're really, truly sorry about this situation. We'll resolve it, and thank you for your patience."

Emma played Last Oasis ahead of its Early Access launch when servers were behaving themselves and found it a fun survival MMO in the vein of Rust, even if there wasn't much sign of an end-game as yet.

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