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"Large-sized" 3DS AR Card revealed

A Club Nintendo reward.

Nintendo will launch a "large-sized" Alternate Reality card for use with the 3DS handheld.

It enables gamers to interact with human-sized Miis.

The image below, courtesy of Andriasang (via the latest Iwata Asks), shows Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata holding hands with his Mii after turning the 3DS vertically to take a picture using a "special large-sized" AR Card.

It will launch as a Club Nintendo bonus, according to the site. More details on that are expected soon.

The Nintendo 3DS, out now in Japan, comes with AR Cards used to play mini-games built into the handheld.

The device comes with a raft of pre-installed software features Nintendo hopes will convince gamers to spread the good word about the 3DS to others.

It includes a 3D camera, a sound editor and a Mii Maker. 3D video recording and 3D video playback are all in-bound.

Eurogamer reviewed the European Nintendo 3DS last month.