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LA Game Space Kickstarter fully funded

Still three days to pitch in and get 30 exclusive indie games by notable designers - like the Katamari creator.

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The research studio/museum/game developer collective LA Game Space has successfully reached its Kickstarter goal of $250,000. The current Tally stands at $261,966 with three days to go before the 7th December deadline.

That gives people three more days to pledge $5 for the mysterious Kickstarter exclusive collaboration between Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman. Whatever zany thing they come up with is scheduled for release in May on PC, Mac and Linux.

An extra $10 will net backers another 30 Kickstarter exclusive indie games from the devs behind such titles as Hotline Miami, QWOP, the Bit.Trip series, The Unfinished Swan, and Fotonica. This collection will be for PC, Mac and mostly Linux.

Adventure Time Creator Pendleton Ward described the sort of research and lectures that will come out of LA Game Space as "Like TED talks, for games" in his quirky promo video below.

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