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Kung Fu High Impact coming to Kinect

Kung Fu LIVE! developer returns.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Motion-controlled action title Kung Fu High Impact roundhouses its way into Kinect-enabled living rooms this November, publisher Black Bean Games has announced.

It's an "interactive fighting game" from Virtual Air Guitar Company – the same team behind duff 2010 PlayStation Eye brawler Kung Fu LIVE! - in which your likeness is scanned in by the Kinect camera to act as the hero.

The developer promises cartoony visuals, "extremely accurate body tracking technology", a full story mode, multiplayer and "compelling survival challenges".

"I'm extremely excited to announce Kung-Fu High Impact and the co-operation between our companies," commented VAGC CEo Teemu Mäki-Patola.

"Whether you are looking to immediately smash enemies through the air, brawl against your friends and family, or simply get a six-pack in the works while having fun, Kung-Fu High Impact will be ready to put you into the action."

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