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Konami retro DS compilation

15 classics from yesteryear.

Leading us down memory lane this morning is Konami, which has announced a DS compilation of arcade titles due for release in the autumn.

Konami Arcade Classics will showcase 15 games, each tweaked and updated for the handheld, making the most of dual screens and wireless capabilities with leaderboards and head-to-head gameplay.

Though a full list of games is yet to be revealed, we're told that horizontal scrolling-shooter Gradius, fast-paced fighter Yie-Ar Kung Fu, and watch-checking shooter Time Pilot will all be included.

You'll also be able to choose different screen configurations to get as close to the original arcade screen ratio as possible, and there will be over 100 music tracks from the games included, as well as a biography for each, plus artwork and trivia.

Something to play in your old shell-suit, then, lets hope it's not a ham-fisted regurgitation of some fond memories.