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Konami employee arrested for attempted murder of colleague

41-year-old attacked former boss while at work.

A 41-year-old Konami employee has been arrested under suspicion of attempted murder, after attacking their former boss with a fire extinguisher while at work.

The unnamed employee reportedly struck their former boss with the fire extinguisher on the back of the head, before being pinned down by other colleagues until police arrived.

Details from Japanese site Livedoor, via Siliconera, suggest the suspect was previously being bullied by their boss - a matter which Konami's HR department had been dealing with.

The suspect was reportedly told by Konami HR that the bullying was not occuring - though was moved to another team.

It's claimed the suspect confessed that the attack was an attempt to murder their former boss.

Eurogamer has contacted Konami for comment.

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