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Konami doing Wii balance board game

Roll marbles to help Anthony the ant.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has whipped the wrappers off a new Wii balance board came called Marbles! Balance Challenge.

It's arriving 1st May and the idea is to help Anthony the ant save his colony by finding the Golden Sunflower Seed. You do this by shifting your weight around while on the balance board, eventually steering marbles or ladybirds to the end of the stage.

Those without a balance board can use the Wii remote, apparently, but they'll lose less Christmas weight.

We're not sure what marbles have to do with ants, but developer Hudson likes the idea and has 200 levels ranging from houses to snowy mountains to deserts to space stations to beat.

Better still, there's multiplayer for four people on the same console, plus the option to create levels and share them online.

Sounds rather wacky but looks passable, as our Marbles! Balance Challenge gallery should illustrate.

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