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Konami 'cancels' PS3/Wii games

If they were ever in development.

Konami appears to have cleared the development decks a bit with the "cancellation" of several PlayStation 3 and Wii titles.

The games mentioned were Gradius Series, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, "New Action Game" and "New Role Playing Game" (all PS3) along with "New Action Adventure Game 2" and "Role Playing Game" (both Wii).

Konami UK was unable to comment.

Reported in Famitsu, in a story partly translated by IGN, the loss of a few unnamed games and a couple of PS3 projects in working-title phase has been described as "massive cancellations" in some circles.

But if you ask us it's probably more of a housekeeping update - a few pencilled lines of ambition scratched away absently with an eraser as a company takes stock, and not the exciting orgy of panic and self-doubt that's been its portrait.

Konami continues to support both Wii and PS3 with various titles, including headliners like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Its first Wii title Eledees (known as Elebits in the US) is due out in Europe this spring.