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Knee Deep is like a Telltale game by way of Kentucky Route Zero

Play it now at EGX Rezzed.

Southern gothic mystery drama Knee Deep seems to be channeling Telltale's latest episodic offerings by way of Kentucky Route Zero.

Set in a Florida swamp, Knee Deep follows the exploits of three characters - a journalist, a blogger and a detective - as they investigate the alleged suicide of a washed up Hollywood actor at a tacky roadside attraction.

Developed by the North Carolina-based Prologue Games, Knee Deep is being billed as "a swamp noir in three acts," and indeed its aesthetic is designed to look like a stageplay with transitions made via rotating sets and curtains being drawn.

Like many LucasArts adventures, there's no fail state in Knee Deep, but you can lose "friends, respect, and moral high ground."

Knee Deep is due this summer on PC, Mac and Linux. Pre-orders cost $19.99 and the price will increase to $24.99 upon launch.

Don't want to wait that long? Well you can give it a go tomorrow if you're at EGX Rezzed, where Knee Deep is making its public debut. Or you can just watch the following 18-minute video demoing its early build.

So far Knee Deep lacks voice acting, but when asked about it Prologue told Eurogamer, 'We would *love* to do it. It's something we'd like to figure out give our limited resources (i.e. money).'Watch on YouTube

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