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Kirby Mouse Attack dated

DS platformer in June.

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Nintendo has stamped a European release date of 22nd June on Kirby Mouse Attack.

It's a platform game for DS that does away with almost all of the fancy touch-screen input, instead falling back on more traditional d-pad controls. However, it will still make strong use of both screens and feature wireless multiplayer.

The story revolves around that friendly little blob Kirby, who has to rescue his shortcake and some treasure from a bunch of naughty mice calling themselves the "squeak-squad". Oh dear.

There's 50 levels to jump around that span eight worlds, and you'll be able to power-up over 25 new skills as you go. There's the fire ability that will let you burn trees and grass, for instance, or the ice ability to freeze water. And you can mix and match these until your heart's content, by simply dragging them into Kirby's belly using the stylus.

There's various secret levels and hidden extras to keep you fiddling, and you can challenge up to three of your friends to a trio of mini-games in wireless multiplayer, too.

The game's already out in Japan and the U.S - under the name Kirby: Squeak Squad, and has received a solid critical reception.

Platform your way over to Eurogamer TV for a look at Kirby Mouse Attack in action.

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