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Kingdom: New Lands' free, super tough DLC expansion Skull Island is out now

Plus, KNL on PS4, and Kingdom: Classic for nowt!

Publisher Raw Fury has announced that Kingdom: New Lands' super tough DLC expansion Skull Island is out now on Switch and PC. Better still, it's absolutely free.

Kingdom: New Lands is an unusual, frequently serene, 2D side-scrolling strategy/resource management hybrid. It's also a game where half the fun comes from figuring out its opaque systems, and Skull Island is just as wilfully mysterious.

About the only thing publisher Raw Fury is willing to say about the free new expansion is that it's "the most challenging piece of content we've ever added. Seriously, it's hard AF." Oh, and that the update should appear on Xbox One and mobile by the end of the week.

Cover image for YouTube videoKNL SkullIsland Teaser

That's not the end of the Kingdom news, however. Raw Fury has also announced that New Lands will be making its way to PlayStation 4 on January 16th. This version will include all the updates New Lands has received since launch, including Skull Island.

And finally, to celebrate this suddenly flurry of Kingdom activity, Raw Fury has decided to make New Lands' forerunner, Kingdom: Classic, free for 24 hours on Steam. Eurogamer's Robert Purchese was very taken with Kingdom: Classic, back when it was only called Kingdom, and it's a great way to get accustomed to the series' minimalist rhythms.

Once the giveaway is over, Kingdom: Classic will be made available to purchase, and everyone with a copy of Classic - whether bought or acquired during the giveaway - will get a 25% discount on New Lands.