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King of Fighters 15 open beta set for November

Push my buttons.

King of Fighters 15 gets an open beta in November.

The open beta test, which was announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 during tonight's Sony State of Play broadcast, kicks off on 20th November and runs until 22nd November. It includes eight playable characters, and lets you play online casual matches and online room matches. There's offline training, too.

The video, below, shows off new character Dolores:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe King of Fighters XV - State of Play Oct 2021: Open Beta Trailer | PS5, PS4

King of Fighters 15 is the latest entry in SNK's long-running fighting game series. It comes out 17th February 2022 on PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Expect 39 playable characters and the return of the series' classic 3v3 battle system.