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Kinect Fusion coming to the Windows SDK soon

Will create full 3D maps of objects and environments.

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Microsoft has shown off the future of Kinect with its insanely detailed 3D modeling "fusion" tech that will soon be coming to the Windows SDK of the crazy camera.

As detailed on Microsoft's Blog, Kinect Fusion will gather the data it collects from hundreds, if not thousands of frames to construct eerily elaborate 3D models.

"You can take an off-the-shelf Kinect for Windows sensor and create 3-D models rapidly," said senior researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, Shahram Izadi. "Normally when you think of Kinect, you think of a static sensor in a living room. But with Kinect Fusion, we allow the user to hold the camera, explore their space, and rapidly scan the world around them."

Kinect for Windows Senior Program Manager Chris White added, "Kinect Fusion opens up a wide range of development possibilities - everything from gaming and augmented reality to industrial design. We're really excited to be able to include it in a future release of the Kinect for Windows SDK."

Ostensibly, this upgraded tech will be used in the second iteration for Kinect for Microsoft's next console. Check out a prototype of Kinect Fusion in action in this video from The Verge below.

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