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Killzone 3 vs. Gears 3 in April 2011?

Chunky rumours stare each other down.

Epic Games is preparing Gears of War 3 for release in April 2011 and that's also roughly when Killzone 3 will come out, at least according to a pair of rumours swirling around the internet overnight.

Edge reports that the third instalment in Epic's Xbox 360 shooter series will be unveiled in a trailer on 8th April 2010, and will then receive a fuller reveal at E3 this June ahead of an April 2011 launch.

That's according to a "trusted US publishing source" who claimed that the decision to duck out of the Q4 2010 warzone is down to Microsoft's wish to provide Project Natal and Halo: Reach space to breathe.

Meanwhile, 1UP claims that Edge's April launch for Gears 3 will put the game head to head with Killzone 3, which it says it has heard will be released in the "same timeframe".

Neither Microsoft nor Sony has addressed the rumours, beyond labelling them as such, but earlier this week Epic president Mike Capps noted in an interview that E3 could be "really exciting for fans of Epic".

Gears of War 2 was released in November 2008, while Killzone 2 launched in late February 2009.