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Kenji Eno's final project will be made by his colleagues

The late Enemy Zero dev's legacy will live on.

Enemy Zero and D developer and musician Kenji Eno passed away a year ago today, but three of the late designer's colleagues will be producing his final game based on documents the Japanese developer left behind.

That game is Kakexun, a project in which Eno entrusted composer Katsutoshi Eguchi with design documents for prior to his passing. As detailed by Polygon based on Kakexun's Japanese site, Eguchi will be working alongside other Eno compatriots including Warp2 CEO Naoya Sato and Iida Kazutoshi, who will be operating as Kakexun's production director and chief director respectively.

The Kakexun devs will be launching a crowdfunding effort on 20th March to bring Eno's final video game idea to life and are hoping to collect ¥15m (about £88K) to accomplish this. Little is known about the game itself, but it's suggested that Kakexun will be an online, action-oriented title with a focus on world building.

Eno's final game before his passing was the WiiWare puzzler, You, Me and the Cubes. He's also known for giving Ico and Shadow of the Colossues creator Fumito Ueda his start at Warp where the pair worked on D2 and Enemy Zero.

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