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Kengo Zeros in on October

Samurai action for 360.

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Majesco Europe has told Eurogamer that new game Kengo Zero is probably heading for an October launch.

The Xbox 360 title is based in feudal Japan and challenges you with becoming the best samurai in the land. Genki has developed it to be loosely based on historical events, and the nine fighters you choose from are based on "real warriors" from the past. Not including Hulk Hogan.

It's largely a beat-'em-up affair that lets you slice through a story-based mode, a time-restricted mission mode, and a head-to-head combat mode on one machine. Multiplayer isn't included, although there'll be a curious Leaderboard service on Live where you'll pit your fighter against another but give over control of both to the A.I.

The winner will be decided by taking each character's attributes, equipment, editable combos and attack techniques into account. Health, stamina, attack power and defence can be upgraded by collecting Spirit Spheres in the single-player game, while equipment is won from successfully besting opponents online and climbing ranks.

"Kengo Zero's stunning high definition graphics bring the game's nine real samurai to life," said John Merchant, marketing manager for Majesco Europe. "With its two-player head-to-head mode, attribute upgrades and fighter customization, Kengo Zero gives every player the opportunity to be the fighter they want to be and to test their metal against the very best."

You can get a closer look over in our Kengo Zero gallery.

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