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Kaz Hirai to keynote TGS

But will he talk about Afrika?

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The organisers of the Tokyo Game Show have confirmed the conference programme for Japan's annual showcase - with a certain Kazuo Hirai set to deliver the first day's keynote address.

Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, is set to discuss the PlayStation business strategy going forward.

Platform holders have been quite varied in their approach to the TGS keynote slot in the past - some have used it for global announcements, like Nintendo's Wii remote in 2005, while others including Sony last year and Microsoft have opted for a regional focus.

Last year, on the proverbial eve of the PlayStation 3's Japanese launch, then-SCE president Ken Kutaragi chose to discuss visions of an interconnected PlayStation online community rather than bombarding the audience with announcements. It wasn't until a Q&A session as the keynote drew to a close that he revealed a pre-launch drop in the 20GB PS3 price for Japan.

Tokyo Game Show takes place at the Makuhari Messe event centre between 20th and 23rd September.

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