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Journey dev's gorgeous social adventure Sky: Children of the Light coming to Switch in June

Supports cross-play with mobile versions.

Sky: Children of the Light, the acclaimed "social adventure" from Journey and Flower developer ThatGameCompany, is heading to Switch this June.

The game, which debuted on iOS back in 2019 before getting an Android release last year, builds on the loosely social aspects of Journey - in which you'd occasionally be accompanied by another (silent) player on your travels - to create an experience based around "compassion, friendship, and altruism", where co-operation is integral to progression.

More broadly, it's a game about soaring across the seven realms of an exceedingly beautiful, richly atmospheric kingdom of billowing clouds, and exploring wherever your whims take you - with puzzley-platformy elements and delicate story vignettes thrown in along the way, all with a gently collaborative multiplayer aspect.

Cover image for YouTube videoSky: Children of the Light | Google Play Launch Trailer
Sky: Children of the Light - Google Play Launch Trailer.

As with the mobile release, Sky: Children of the Light will be "free-to-start" on Switch, with monetisation tied to the likes of cosmetics and a season pass. Seasons introduce new elements to Sky's evolving story, with nine having been released so far.

There's no specific launch date for Sky on Switch yet, but ThatGameCompany notes the game will feature cross-play capabilities between mobile and console when it eventually arrives.