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Join the GT Academy

Become a real race driver.

The GT Academy competition for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has begun. Vroom!

The star prize is four months of real-life racing lessons in real-life cars, plus a trip to Dubai - where you'll take part in a real-life 24 hour endurance race. Yes, you could be the next Nigel Mansell (though you'll have to grow your own mustache).

To enter, you'll need to visit the GT Academy website and enter your PSN ID. Then you'll have the option to take a time trial the next time you boot up the game. You must drive a Nissan Fairlady Z Version S '07 and race on the Eiger Nordwand track.

If you make it as one of the top 20 drivers in the UK, you'll go through to a national final.

Then the top three drivers will get to visit Silverstone and race a real-life Nissan straight out of the game. The star prize will be awarded to the eventual winner.

The deadline to enter the first round of the competition is 18th July. Best get a move on then.