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John Romero's Daikatana pops up on Steam

Keep an eye on storm.

Daikatana, John Romero's disasterpiece, has inexplicably sprung up on Steam, priced £4.99.

How can you disagree with THAT?

The game first came out 13 years ago, steeped in hype and marred by controversial advertising campaigns, which read: "John Romero is about to make you his bitch." And maybe he did - after all, we were the ones who played it.

But for all the hullabaloo, Daikatana was outdated before it hit the shelf, already bettered/battered by games like Half-Life and Quake 3. Daikatana's many grand ambitions were half-baked and the whole thing ended up being a bit naff.

So, why buy it now? As a curio, a relic, a fascination - a high profile flop written in bold ink in the books of gaming history.

"No one could ever say that Daikatana was a good game," wrote our Paul Dean in a strange love-hate letter to the game. "It was a cataclysmic failure for Ion Storm, years of development and marketing and celebrity poured into a sub-par experience that became a running joke.

"But I'm glad it exists. Had it been anything other than what it was, I don't think I'd look upon it so fondly."

Check this ancient video preview of Daikatana out while you're at it.

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