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John Carmack has officially left id Software

Is none too hopeful about Oculus coming to PS4.

Legendary tech guru John Carmack - he who brought the first-person shooter into the limelight with Doom, Quake and more - has left id Software, the studio he co-founded back in 1991.

John Carmack.

"John Carmack, who has become interested in focusing on things other than game development at id, has resigned from the studio," id's studio director Tim Willits said in a statement to Eurogamer. "John's work on id Tech 5 and the technology for the current development work at id is complete, and his departure will not affect any current projects. We are fortunate to have a brilliant group of programmers at id who worked with John and will carry on id's tradition of making great games with cutting-edge technology. As colleagues of John for many years, we wish him well."

Back in August, Carmack began his position as chief technology officer at Oculus, where he's been working on the VR headset Oculus Rift. At the time id's publisher Bethesda was adamant that Carmack was still part of the studio, but it looks like that didn't work out. "I wanted to remain a technical adviser for Id, but it just didn't work out," Carmack tweeted. "Probably for the best, as the divided focus was challenging."

When a Twitter follower requested Carmack bring the Oculus Rift to PS4, the veteran programmer replied, "Sony would have to allow support for the sensor interface. I'm not holding my breath." This is probably due to Sony allegedly developing its own VR headset.