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Jeff Minter's Moose Life hits PS4

Give it a trance.

Moose Life, the latest psychedelic trance shooter from legendary game designer Jeff Minter and his studio Llamasoft, is out now on PlayStation 4.

It costs £9.79 from the PlayStation Store, and is VR headset-enabled. The trailer is below:

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Moose Life, which came out on PC on 12th August 2020, offers "spectacular shooty action and a top techno soundtrack", and is created in the style of a 1980s arcade game.

It's "specifically engineered to take you to a happy, tranced-out pleasure zone full of deer and mushrooms". To that end, players are cast in the role of a rainbow voxel deer as they fly ceaselessly into the screen, battling to rescue tiny sheep from enemy spaceships.

Minter is of course the architect of one of the first examples of the trance shooter: 1994's Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar.

Since then, Llamasoft has worked on Virtual Light Machine lightsynths, the Xbox 360 music visualiser, and games such as Space Giraffe, Gridrunner Revolution, Polybius and the Minotaur Arcade games.

VR has been a recent focus for Minter, and everything Llamasoft creates is playable in and outside of virtual reality "as a matter of course".

"Immersion via a VR headset makes the mood-enhancing, euphoric nature of our games even more effective."

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