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Japanese Wii tops 3m sales

According to two sets of figures.

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Nintendo Wii has sold more than three million units since launching in Japan last December, according to the latest Media Create figures, reports.

Sales of 109,854 units during the second full of week of July helped the console break through the 3m barrier.

The figures are backed up by a recent report from Enterbrain, publisher of gaming magazine Famitsu, which said that sales to the same period totalled 3.01m based on a survey of 3,500 shops.

Wii sales worldwide are now thought to have exceeded 9 million.

The console had been buoyed in Japan by the launch of Dragon Quest Swords, which sold 305,254 units in its first week to top the Japanese software charts.

Elsewhere in the top ten, Wii Sports and the Japanese equivalent of our Wii Play occupied fourth and sixth spots respectively, with the rest of the top ten - and the vast majority of the top 50 overall - dominated by DS titles.

In the same week Wii broke the 3m threshold, DS Lite sold 141,967 units, PSP 37,578, PS3 13,493, Xbox 360 2,942 and PS2 15,777 according to Media Create figures.

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