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Japanese peripheral company Hori is making a Switch Joy-Con with a D-pad

With a few notable caveats.

Japanese peripheral maker Hori is poised to answer the prayers of Switch owners across the globe when it launches a special left-hand Joy-Con this July, featuring an old-school D-pad.

Hori says its D-pad Joy-Con is "ideal for retro games and fighting games", although it does come with some pretty major caveats.

The Joy-Con replacement doesn't, for instance, feature an accelerometer or gyro sensor, nor does it include a wireless connection - meaning it can only be used while attached to the Switch in portable mode, and not in tabletop or docked mode.

Additionally, there's no SL or SR button support, no Sync, and no Player LED - but these are only used in single Joy-Con mode anyway, which the device doesn't support.

The better news is that Hori's D-pad Joy-Con will sell for ¥2,480 when it launches, so around £17 - which is considerably cheaper than the 40-plus quid that Nintendo normally charges for a fully featured single Joy-Con. If the D-pad proves to be decent when the device arrives in July then, it could be well worth an import.