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Jane Austen MMO Ever, Jane seeks $100K on Kickstarter

Spread gossip, attend balls, and climb the social ladder.

If Saints Row 4 left you hankering for more Jane Austen in your video games you may be in luck as Ever, Jane, the first ever Jane Austen-themed MMO, is striving for funding on Kickstarter.

Set in England's Regency period, Ever, Jane will eschew combat in favour of good old-fashioned gossip. You'll have to spread lies about others to curry favour with certain characters, but if you're not careful other players will realise they're being talked about behind their back. If another player catches you in a lie the consequences could come back to you two-fold.

Stats will be based on such things as Duty, Happiness, Kindness, Status, and Reputation. Furthermore, these stats are subject to how other players act regarding you. For example, if you invite someone above your status to a party hoping to join their rank, you could lose status if they decline. If they accept, but only out of duty, this will help you climb the social ladder a bit, but if they accept out of happiness your status will see a significant boost.

Players will attend balls and dinner parties to build their character in whichever way they see fit. Elsewhere, they'll partake in mini-games such as sewing, hunting, fishing, piano playing, and word games.

Developer 3 turn Productions is looking for $100K to fund Ever, Jane and has thus far accumulated $28,290 of that with 25 days to go before the 2nd December deadline.

While Ever, Jane is very early in development there is a basic prototype demo available. The full game isn't slated until January 2016 on PC.

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