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James Bond game Cypher 007 shoots onto Apple Arcade this month

Arise, Sir Veillance.

Little Nellie
Image credit: Tilting Point

James Bond will bring his espionage hijinks to Apple Arcade later this month.

On 29th September, players will take on the role of a brand-new Bond in Cypher 007. This top-down mobile title comes from Tilting Point, and promises a return to some classic Bond locations, as well as the chance to relive some of the series' "iconic moments" from the past 60 years.

This will, of course, mean Her Majesty's best agent will also come face to face with several of his known-nemesis, such as Blofeld - along with Spectre - and Jaws. And, as every Bond fan knows, this means gadgets galore, including Little Nellie, Bond's gyrocopter from You Only Live Twice.

Cypher 007 - Official Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Here's the official blurb for Cypher 007: "Players are tasked with defeating criminal mastermind Blofeld, head of Spectre, by gathering intel, uncovering secrets, and overcoming immersive levels filled with obstacles, opponents, and objectives that increase in difficulty as they progress.

"Compete against other 007 agents worldwide via leaderboards to prove who is on top."

Other games also coming to Apple Arcade this month include Junkworld, Japanese Rural Life Adventure and My Talking Angela 2+. Apple stated all of these titles, including Cypher 007, will be ad-free with no in-app purchases.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die
Do you expect me to talk? | Image credit: Tilting Point
Getting GoldenEye Silo vibes from this one
Bring it on Spectre
Image credit: Tilting Point

For now at least, Cypher 007 appears to be a mobile-only release. But for the console players among you, there's Project 007 coming from Hitman developer IO Interactive.

While we still don't have a release date for Project 007, our Bertie sat down with IO co-owners Christian Elverdam and Hakan Abrak earlier this year, where they shed more light on their take on Bond's origin story.

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