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Jamaican bobsleighers to star in Wii title

With character called Coach Mon. Really.

SouthPeak Games is to publish a game based on the adventures of the Jamaican bobsled team.

Presumably, amazingly, the Cool Runnings licence was too expensive so it's called Sled Shred. It's in development for Wii and will let you race "everything from tubes and toboggans to discs and bobsleds". You'll be able to race "with and against" the Jamaican bobsled team, which sounds confusing.

Expect more than 10 courses and a multiplayer mode. The game will be compatible with the Wii balance board so you can steer vehicles just by leaning left and right.

You'll be trained in the art of bobsleigh by a character called Coach Mon. We're not making it up. They sent a picture. He looks more like Bob Marley than John Candy. We are sad.

Sled Shred is out this autumn. It's impossible to imagine who will end up reviewing it.