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Jak & Daxter heading to PS2, PSP

Flying machines spinning up in autumn.

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Sony has announced Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier for PS2 and PSP.

The 478th game in the popular platform series is due out this autumn and is in development at High Impact Games.

Set after the first J&D, it pits you, Jak, and wisecracking pal Daxter on an adventure to bump Kiera into a Sage and rid the world of the thread of dark eco. Goody-goody eco is your friend.

According to Sony, you begin the game on foot and then take flight in one of five aircraft to battle off sky pirates with your new Gunstaff weapon, which can take on other forms.

Check out our Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier screenshot gallery for the first three images.

Sony added that the Jak & Daxter series has sold nearly 6 million units across PAL territories since it launched on PS2 in 2001. Ellie wrote the manual, you know.

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