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Jagex's moralistic kids MMO Herotopia

A Spandexcellent idea.

Attention parents, Jagex today launches a new free-to-play MMO called Herotopia that aims to teach kids some valuable and wholesome lessons.

Dubbed "fun", "vibrant" and "safe", Herotopia has under 12s work together to eradicate bullying and make the world a better place.

All this will be done in the name of becoming a superhero. There are quests, mini-games and daily puzzles to keep your brood busy.

Superheros travel the world from New York to Paris, but they drop anchor at their customisable Secret Hideout base, a place they can invite friends to.

The standard Herotopia game is free, but there's the option to subscribe for added benefits: accessories for your Secret Hideout, an Orangutan Sidekick, multiple Superpowers, Super Vehicles and the chance to unlock Herotopia Island.

This All-Access membership costs $5.95 a month, and a portion of that will go to children's charities.

Makes a change from Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin.