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Jagex says Carnage Racing brings triple-a graphics to Facebook

There are pictures.

It's no Gran Turismo, but Carnage Racing does look impressive for a Facebook racing game.

Built by Jagex's new Californian office (staffed by former Midnight Club makers) on the Unity engine, Carnage Racing does what it says on the tin: carnage courtesy of weapons and cars, and racing.

There's multiplayer for up to eight people, and longevity comes from customisation and upgrades.

"Carnage Racing perfectly blends arcade style gameplay mechanics with AAA graphics to give racing fans a Facebook gaming experience like no other," commented Arash Amini, producer.

"With a vast array of customisation, upgrades and an army of waiting competitors, Carnage Racing is set to change the way people think about racing games on Facebook."

Carnage Racing will be released in November only on Facebook.

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