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It looks like a voice actor revealed Spider-Man PS4's mystery villain


Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 includes a raft of famous villains, with everyone from Electro to Rhino and Scorpion to Vulture confirmed to make an appearance.

Well, now it looks like we know one other villain set to star in the game - via a likely source: a loose-lipped voice actor.


Chris Jai Alex, who plays Rhino in Spider-Man, spoke with Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r in an E3 video interview (Chris Jai Alex is the multiplayer announcer in Black Ops 4). During the chat, he discusses the issue of scale when it comes to playing video game characters in a fight scene in the new Spider-Man - and mentions Doctor Octopus. Whoops!

Drift0r's video is offline (presumably because of the accidental reveal), but of course the internet never forgets, and so we have the clip online via Rick Grimes on YouTube.

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Doctor Octopus is well-known Spider-Man bad-boy who Sony has yet to officially announce for the video game. Could he be the mystery villain who turns up at the end of Spider-Man's fancy E3 2018 trailer? Doctor Octopus is the original boss of the Sinister Six, and we see five villains in the video kicking lumps out of Spider-Man. His appearance would make sense. (Skip to the six minutes and 40 seconds mark in the video below to hear what sounds like Doctor Octopus-esque effects.)

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Voice actors are notorious for leaking video game secrets. A voice actor revealed an Un'Goro-set Hearthstone expansion before it was announced, and another voice actor leaked Activision's Crash Bandicoot remaster. Perhaps this is one of the reasons some publishers don't tell voice actors which games they're working on - something Chris Bratt (remember him?) discussed in an episode of Here's A Thing, below.

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