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IS Defense is the next game from the people who made Hatred

A "personal veto" against the current situation in the Middle East.

Remember Hatred, the confrontational, but ultimately sloppy and frustrating, twin-stick shooter from Polish studio Destructive Creations? Its developers are back with an equally antagonistic game: IS Defense.

IS Defense is set in 2020. IS has taken over Northern Africa and from there invades Europe. You play the role of NATO's stationary machine-gun operator, and kill as many invaders as possible.

According to Destructive Creations, IS Defense is not a stab at sparking controversy, but a "personal veto" against the current situation in the Middle East, as well as an attempt to rekindle memories of classic arcade shooters such as Operation Wolf.

As you'd expect, the reaction on Steam, where IS Defense is currently seeking Greenlight votes, is particularly vitriolic. Be warned: there's all sorts of depressingly offensive stuff going on in there.

Destructive Creations plans to release IS Defense during the second quarter of 2016 on PC. Will it appear on Steam? Hatred was the first Adult's Only-rated game to appear on Valve's digital platform, after initially being pulled from Greenlight. Video game broadcasting website Twitch has banned it.

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