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Iranian students' anti-US game

Rescue Nuke Scientist.

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A bunch of studious Iranians has cobbled together a new PC game that puts the propaganda-shoe on the other foot.

Their project, Rescue the Nuke Scientist, is a response to numerous titles pitching Middle-Eastern nations as the bad guys - particularly Assault on Iran from New York-based Kuma Reality Games.

The aim is to, unsurprisingly, reclaim a pair of Iranian brain-boxes being held by US forces in Iraq and Israel - countries also not thought of fondly by Iran.

If you should die in your quest a box flashes up with the message, "With resistance, you can battle the enemy."

"We tried to promote the idea of defence, sacrifice and martyrdom in this game," Taqi Fakhrian, leader of the Student group told Associated Press.

It isn't the first time the Union of Students Islamic Association has made headlines either - it made front pages in 2005 following its World Without Zionism conference where Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map".

Nuke Scientist took three years to make and will be released initially across Iran and other Muslim-predominant countries, followed at a later date with some Western territories.

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