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iPad 2 jailbreak in just three days?

Beat that, Geohot.

The iPad 2 has been jailbroken just three days after US release, according to a hacker.

Hacker Comex claims to have done so and posted a video as evidence (via VentureBeat).

His hack enables unauthorised software to run on iPad 2. His video shows cheeky application Cydia being used - a program that can find and download other apps.

"Would've had it yesterday if I didn't have to spend 1.5 days looking for a replacement exploit (which came from a most unexpected place...)," boasted Comex.

The iPad 2 arrives on European shop shelves on 25th March - the same day as the Nintendo 3DS. The tablet is 33 per cent thinner than its predecessor at 8.8mm thick. It's "dramatically faster", too, with an A5 chip inside. Dual-core processors mean it's twice as fast.

Last week Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment described the iPad 2 as "a game-changer".