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Are these photos of the iPad 2?

Reports suggest March release date.

A bundle of authentic-looking photos showing the iPad 2 have appeared hours before Apple's special reveal event.

We've posted them below.

The snaps are from Chinese site DGtle (via Endgadget) and are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

They show the much whispered about slimmer design as well as the front and back cameras. The iPad 2 is supposed to be more powerful than iPad 1, too.

There are also reports swirling that the iPad 2 could be mere hours or maybe days from general release.

Apple's iPad 2 event happens this afternoon at 6pm GMT, and rumours suggest that second-gen tablet may go on sale immediately afterwards.

Backing that up is US shop-giant Best Buy, which has already wiped the iPad 1 from its database, according to sneaky pictures on MacRumors (via CVG).