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International Cricket 2010 announced

Out summer on PS3, 360. How's that?

Codemasters has announced International Cricket 2010 for release this summer on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The aim [surely the wicket? -Ed] is to duplicate the UK chart-topping performance given by Ashes Cricket 2009 last summer.

But Transmission Games isn't at the crease for this instalment. Instead, newly formed Australian studio Trickstar Games will bat this out, having hired various veterans from Ashes Cricket 2009 and the Brian Lara series.

Top of the new-feature list is Action Cam, which captures the "on-pitch drama, intensity and excitement of fiercely competitive international cricket". Yes, if you say so. And this will be in addition to normal camera angles.

Another stand-out new feature will be full analogue-stick batting control dubbed Power Stick. This should measure both the speed and direction of your thumb twiddles and faithfully translate that to the game.

Playable in International Cricket 2010 will be 16 nations, including the authentic English, Welsh and Australian squads, because those are the three countries whose cricket organisations backed the game. And if that doesn't suit you, there's a player editor and squad editor to tinker with.

Game modes have been bolstered with new instant tournaments, and there'll be online multiplayer with tea breaks, probably.

Get a load of the first screenshots in our International Cricket 2010 gallery.