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Insomniac's Oculus-exclusive horror game Edge of Nowhere is due next week

To coldly go where no man has gone before.

Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games is releasing its first of three Oculus-exclusive titles, Edge of Nowhere, on 6th June.

Edge of Nowhere is a third-person survival adventure game set in Antarctica. The developer described it as an "unsettling psychological thriller" and there are shades of The Thing all over it with creepy alien critters running amok.

I've played about a half-hour of Edge of Nowhere and found it felt like a stripped down, linear Dead Space.

Our Oli Welsh was more entranced by Edge of Nowhere and called it "a terrific experience, and one that could convert a lot of people to VR, especially those who like their games the way they like them - experiences to sit down and have wash over you."

He also noted that "nausea isn't a problem, because movement is fairly slow and you can only turn the camera (and indeed, aim weapons) with your head movement." However, my more recent experience with Edge of Nowhere left me feeling rather queazy, so your mileage may vary.

Insomniac also has two other Oculus-exclusive games in development: the third-person brawling adventure Feral Rites and the two-player competitive magic-dueling Oculus Touch-based affair The Unspoken.

Here's how Edge of Nowhere looks in action in its new launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoEdge of Nowhere - Launch Trailer