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Insomniac working on two new games

But this week's reveal isn't Resistance 3.

James Stevenson, senior community manager for Insomniac Games, has confirmed the studio is currently working on two new projects.

"We are busy working here on some really cool stuff that we can’t wait to show you," he wrote on the Insomniac blog.

"[Work is] currently underway on more than one game right now (which will be no surprise to anyone who knows how our production pipeline works). We’ve been trying to evolve our production pipeline to give us more time for iteration, as well as better efficiencies along the way." So is one of those games a third instalment in the Resistance series? Speculators have been speculating Resistance 3 will be announced this week after GameTrailers promised to reveal a "suprise sequel".

Well, speculators can shut up. Writing on Neogaf, when asked if he knew the game being revealed, Stevenson wrote, "Yes - but it is not a game from Insomniac." Well there you go.