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Inside My Radio brings rhythm-based platforming to Steam next week

Just beat it.

Inside My Radio, a rhythm-action platformer set in a dying boom box, will arrive on PC and Mac on 11th May via Steam.

Having won numerous awards for its prototype conceived as part of Ludum Dare 23, Inside My Radio tasks players with moving a green LED block creature through a variety of obstacles while matching the beat of the soundtrack.

Based on when you jump, dash or slam, you'll get score bonuses if you match the music and penalties if you don't. Keep up the beat to increase your score multiplier.

As was the case in Rez, the music will be influenced by your actions, so every time you play you'll get a slightly different tune as you bop your way through Inside My Radio's various stages.

Developed by the French Seaven Studio, Inside My Radio will arrive on Xbox One later this year. Here's how it looks in action:

Cover image for YouTube videoInside My Radio - Announcement Trailer