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Indie FMV game Headspun has a release date for console and PC

Something to keep in mind.

Headspun is a British indie game looking to revive the FMV genre by placing the player in the brain of a recently awoken coma patient - and it's launching on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac on 28th August.

Players will take on the role of Ted the conscious voice in the head of Theo Kavinsky, a man who has no memory of the accident or events leading up to his coma. As Ted you'll work to discover what happened and put Theo's life back on track, all the while dealing with Teddy - Theo's subconscious voice who doesn't always agree with Ted.

The game is being made by Superstring, a British microstudio run by Jamin Smith, and features footage filmed in a working hospice in Surrey.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Jamin said Headspun is inspired by a psychological principle called The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steven Peters, "who likens the subconscious voice in our minds to a chimp. It's primal, and it's emotional, and it acts without logic or reason.

"As intelligent beings, we try to suppress this voice - these unwanted emotions - but often we struggle. 'Taming the chimp,' is easier said than done. Headspun is a game that explores these themes as Ted and Teddy come to blows over key decisions in Theo's life."

Check out the trailer to get your head around this new take on the FMV genre.

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