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Indie adventure Resonance debuts a week early on GOG

Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers also out today.

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Point and click indie adventure Resonance is out now on, one week ahead of everywhere else save the developer's website.

Resonance is the latest effort from Wadjet Eye Games (Gemini Rue, Blackwell series). It's a sci-fi thriller about four ordinary people tasked with saving the world following a dangerous scientific discovery. Its unique twist is that you'll be able to switch between the four characters at will, so if you get stuck with one character you'll be able to continue in another's story.

The game also features a "unique short- and long-term memory system where items and events unlock memories which can be used to solve puzzles and start conversations."

It's been in development for five years at indie studio Xii Games. It costs $9.99 and comes with free desktop wallpapers, avatars, a digital poster (suitable for printing), the MP3 soundtrack and video developer diaries.

See it in action in the trailer below.

Also out today is Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers, a puzzle platformer about a "small tech-nerd" named Tiny who's tasked with retrieving his grandpa's underpants from his nemesis, Big. Set in a vast, cel-shaded desert, Tiny is armed with a laser that can slice through most surfaces and reshape the environment. He also has a grappling hook and rockets, and the game will feature "better than life physics," according to the developer Black Pants Studio.

"Tiny and Big features great characters, a truly bizarre setting and story, a completely destructible, immersive environment, and unique sandbox gameplay based on slicing, grappling, pulling, pushing, and jumping," read the description on GOG.

It's stylish at any rate, as can be gleaned from the launch trailer.

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers costs $9.99 at GOG, Steam and Gamersgate, while a boxed German copy runs for €14.99. Purchasing it at GOG gets you bonus goodies including: six free wallpapers, the soundtrack, seven avatars, an artbook, a poster and a map.

In related news, between now and 5th July, GOG is running a summer promo called Battle of the Games. Everyday at 1.00pm GMT two games are pitted against one another and users vote on which one gets a greater discount. After 24 hours, the game with the most votes gets a 60 per cent price reduction for the next 24 hours, while the runner-up gets 40 per cent off.

Today's competition is between the first three Alone in the Dark games and Fahrenheit. The upcoming games are kept secret, but GOG revealed that Psychonuats, The Witcher, and Broken Sword: Director's Cut will show up at some point.

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