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In Other Waters dev announces new game Project Sidereal

"The Eye opens for us all."

Gareth Damian Martin, the solo developer behind In Other Waters, has announced their new game Project Sidereal (a working title so it may change).

It's a game about... Well, it's not entirely clear, but therein lies the point I think. Like In Other Waters, it appears to be a game about uncovering a mystery, this time one revolving around a lonely station, or craft, apparently abandoned in space.

There are a few more clues on the game's Steam page. "This first thing you become aware of upon waking is the disconnect," reads the game's enigmatic blurb. "The delay between thinking and feeling. Between wanting to act and acting. Minor, almost imperceptible, but always present."

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There are a couple of lore excerpts from the game, too - or extracted pieces of data as they're called. One talks poetically about a mysterious Eye, while the other appears to be a log entry suggesting an exploratory space voyage. There are also some hexagonal shapes, that are probably letters, to decipher. Intriguing!

On Twitter, Damian Martin said they're solo developing the game again, with music help and a third collaborator who will remain a secret for now. Project Sidereal is due out at some point next year. No platforms are mentioned but PC is a cert. In Other Waters came out on Switch, too, so there's potential there.

In Other Waters came out last year. It's a serene and exquisitely colourful game about piloting an AI suit of sorts around alien planets, and relaying your findings to a scientist. Mechanically, it's all controlled through an intricate kind of control panel, which gives it a simple, abstract look; but it's a much richer experience than that might suggest. There's a gentle but gripping intrigue to the exploration that unfolds, and it ponders some big questions along the way.

In Other Waters is currently half-price on Steam, at £5.69. Check out Christian's In Other Waters review for more.

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